Online FBI MoneyPak Removal

The FBI MoneyPak is a scam. It’s not the real FBI as most people can guess.

The warning and messages are meant to scare the end user into paying the fictitious penalty. You do not need to worry about the FBI being after you, at least not for this!

What is disturbing for most people is if you have a webcam the malware threat will turn the camera on and take a picture of you. This is the major creep factor about this virus threat.

As always has your back. We have removed this virus threat dozens of times now and know exactly what needs to be done to fully remove all traces of this virus. We can remote into your computer right away and in a very short time period have you back to normal again.

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We offer two great removal options for FBI MoneyPak

Option 1: $99 remote in repair. In this we remove all viruses and spyware on your computer.

Option 2: $149 – With this option we do an advanced system Tune-Up to help speed up your computer and resolve normal system issues. What is great about this service is we are now including virus removal in this package for free.

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